Plan your trip to Madrid


When is the better time of the year to go to Madrid and enjoy the capital of Spain to the fullest? Madrid is one of those cities that can be enjoyed throughout the year. The continental climate makes it particularly hot and dry in summer and with colder temperatures in winter; as always the best seasons to visit a city are spring and autumn.

Madrid is pleasant in all season

Plan your trip when to go to MadridIn Spring the temperatures are high, but not stuffy, and tourists who are not used to the Spanish summer heat (with peaks that can easily reach 40 ° C) can enjoy the beauty of the city without finding themselves in a sweat bath. Autumn is also a season in which Madrid gives its best. Autumn in this area of Spain is characterized by medium high temperatures and pleasant sunny days.

But as we all are learning, weather and temperature are strongly changing, so just find some free days and go: a weekend in Madrid will thrill you at any time of the year. (Not to consider the fact that “out of season” ticket costs are lower and offer for accommodation is much wider). You can choose to go there on some holidays. A few examples?

Madrid month by month

In early January, the Space of Sound Festival is held in Madrid, and it is considered the most important event in the world as regards electronic music. In February there is Carnaval, a very popular holiday throughout Spain.

As happens in the rest of the country, even the Semana Santa, which is celebrated during the Easter period (March or April as appropriate), in Madrid is synonymous of evocative processions and very ancient rites.

Also between April and May the Festival de Otoño is held in Madrid, with theater, dance and international shows of all kinds. One of the most felt anniversaries in Madrid, always in May, is the Fiesta de San Isidro Labrador. An ancient ritual celebration connected to the cult of San Isidro, the patron Saint of Madrid. This festival, which also inspired a famous work by Goya, is hosted in the middle of May each year in the San Isidro district and in the Pradera de San Isidro; it is the oldest and most picturesque patronal feast in Spain.

Plan your trip, when to go to Madrid
Madrid city hall during gay pride

For photography enthusiasts the perfect month is June, when PhotoEspaña, one of the most important international exhibition for contemporary photografphy opens in various exhibition venues. While in July the city is invaded by the festive and transgressive tide of Gay Pride.

If the Madrid summer is very hot, however, remember that in Madrid it gets dark very late and this allows you to have more hours of light to enjoy the city. Furthermore, it is in this season that all the districts of Madrid come alive with local festivals, an original and fun way to get in touch with the truest soul of the city.


Now that you have an idea of when to go to Madrid, it’s time to take a hotel if you haven’t chosen it yet.