The neighborhoods of Madrid

The districts of Madrid city center: the true soul of the city


Districts of Madrid

Madrid is an extremely lively metropolis, where you never get bored. You can spend time enchanted in front of some of the most significant masterpieces of art from all over the Western world, admire its monumental squares, wander from one church to another in search of hidden works of art or stroll in one of its many parks . For us, however, the real charm of this city lies in the neighborhoods of Madrid center, made up of markets and small squares, gardens and narrow streets animated by taverns and small restaurants, local shops and crafts. This is where the locals meet and this is where we recommend you come to discover the true soul of Madrid.

Journey through the areas of the city centre:

Chueca and La Latina

Take the afternoon free neighborhoods of Madridto wander around La Latina, an ancient and characteristic district in the center. Here, browse through the gastronomic delights of the La Cebada market, indulge in the tapeo in one of the bars in Cava Baja. From La Latina you can reach Madrid de los Austrias, the most “regal” part of the center, or go to Chueca to go shopping. Fuencarral Street or Augusto Figueroa Street are full of shops while Chueca Square or Pedro Zerolo Square, are the liveliest centers of the neighborhood, with their trendy bars and clubs.

Malasaña, el barrio maravillas

If you are a lover of new trends, Malasaña is the place for you. This neighborhood was one of the liveliest places of the city’s rebirth in the 70s and 80s during the so-called “movida madrileña” (nightlife of Madrid), and continues to be one of the liveliest and most alternative areas in the center. Its streets are full of clubs and people at any time of day or night: go through Square of dos de Mayo, San Ildefonso Square, Pez Street and you will immediately notice it.

Huertas and Lavapies

Huertas is one of the most beautiful areas in the center with its squares – such as Santa Ana or del Angel – and its proximity to the elegant Paseo del Prado, as well as one of the liveliest neighborhoods even at night. Lavapies is for me one of the most fascinating areas of the city, the emblem of a metropolis that knows how to welcome foreigners and make multiculturalism a strong point. This is where you have to comeneighborhoods of Madrid if you want to observe the most multi-ethnic Madrid and take an unusual tour of the city. In fact, Lavapiés offers local  restaurants and shops and from other countries, the brand new art galleries on Doctor Fourquet Street, avant-garde theaters and a lively and totally alternative cultural life. Come to Lavapiés to see Picasso’s Guernica live at the Centro de Arte Reina Sofia Museum , or to attend a concert in the Tabacalera or the Casa Encendida.


Each neighborhood will reveal a different soul of the city, from the most hypster to the most popular, but in all of them you will enjoy the vital atmosphere that makes the capital of Spain a unique city. Don’t be afraid to get lost, Madrid will always surprise you!